Builder Home Warranty Repair

Builder Home Warranty Repair


This slab foundation built-in 2014 is dealing with edge drop around the entire perimeter, and with an overall average of 2″ deflection. The home warranty company that is warrantying this foundation reimbursing the homeowner to have the foundation repaired, and will be taking care of all of the sheetrock cracks throughout the inside of the house once the foundation has been repaired. The Eagle Ford formation that runs through Frisco contributes to the highly expansive clay soils and is the likely cause for the foundation failure on this home.


Install 33 steel piers around the perimeter of the post-tension foundation, and 3 12″ diameter, 12′ deep drilled piers under the back patio with outdoor grill, and raise foundation as close to the original position as practical.


Piers were driven 30′ deep from grade level around the perimeter of the main foundation, and the drilled piers were drilled 12′ deep from grade level. From start to finish the repairs took a total of 5 days to complete, and the foundation was lifted an average of 1.25″ around the perimeter of the home.