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September 27, 2022

Why Do Concrete Slab Foundations Crack?

A concrete slab foundation can last a long time if it is well-built and properly maintained. But even the most solid foundation can crack if subjected to unrelenting stress and pressure. A concrete slab...

September 22, 2022

Can Your Windows and Doors Indicate a Need for Foundation Repair?

Foundation damage can go undetected for a long time. Some warning signs, like cracks along the foundation or on your concrete steps, are obvious. However, many subtle signs can easily be overlooked. For example,...

September 19, 2022

Foundation Repair Questions to Ask Your Contractor

When it comes to repairing your foundation, you want to make the most informed decision possible. Your house is one of your largest investments, so you want to ensure that you’re doing the right...

September 14, 2022

Foundation Repairs: Know Your Options

Foundation repairs are never something you look forward to. They are costly and disruptive, and they can be very stressful. However, taking the time to do your homework and understand your options can significantly...

August 19, 2022

Home Insurance: Which Foundation Repairs Are Covered?

As a homeowner, you must know the potential risks to your home’s foundation. Foundation repair can be costly, and it’s essential to know if your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs....

August 16, 2022

Here’s the 411 on Selling Your Home with Foundation Issues

Selling a home in tip-top condition can be stressful and challenging, but trying to do so with foundation issues can be even more difficult. Unfortunately, you may not realize you have foundation problems until...

August 11, 2022

5 Signs of a Shifting Foundation

If you own a home in Dallas-Fort Worth, a shifting foundation is always in the back of your mind. The soil in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex varies from well-draining sand, expansive clay, cracking clays, and...

August 7, 2022

Why You Should Schedule a Foundation Inspection to Prepare for the Future

Life can throw us a lot of curve balls, and we never know when we may have to sell our real property or use the value of our home or business to take care...

August 4, 2022

Hidden Dangers that Damage the Foundation of Your Home or Business

Some causes of foundation damage can be easy to spot, such as poorly functioning gutters in a downpour that allow water to run down next to the building or collect in areas too close...