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Foundation Problems are Common in DFW

According to data culled from high numbers of searches for "residential foundation repair" and "commercial foundation repair", Google Trends ranks the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the third-worst region in the U.S. for foundation problems.

What Does This Mean for Dallas Home and Business Owners?

It means staying more vigilant about detecting foundation issues as early as possible to prevent loss of structural integrity.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Allowing a foundation to deteriorate may result in expensive repairs or damage such as:

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Foundation Repair Methods

Pinnacle offers a variety of foundation repair techniques to accommodate all structural types of homes and businesses. We understand how much foundation repair will cost is a major factor when choosing the type of repair needed. However, we also want our customers to be aware that opting for cheaper shortcuts or temporary fixes ultimately leads to worse problems and more expensive repairs. Rest assured Pinnacle foundation repair in Dallas is professional, superior to other repair companies, and cost-competitive.

Our foundation repair methods include:

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