How Water Can Impact Your Home’s Foundation

How Water Can Impact Your Home’s Foundation

Many factors can impact your home’s foundation, and one of these is water. Although water is essential for life, it can equal bad news for the foundation of your home.


Waterproofing & Foundation Damage

Waterproofing is crucial to prevent water from damaging your foundation. Without proper waterproofing, the foundation of your home is vulnerable whenever there is water or excessive moisture is present.

Foundation damage can be caused in a range of ways if your property is not adequately waterproofed. Here are some of the ways water damage can occur:

Your foundation can become damaged if you have a basement without adequate waterproofing. This can allow groundwater to penetrate the walls of your basement and can even cause it to flood. When water enters your basement, it not only makes the space unusable but also damages the integrity of your foundation.

Burst pipes and leaks can play havoc with your home’s foundation, so if you spot a plumbing issue, you will need to get it resolved right away. A persistent leak or a large amount of water can cause your foundation to shift and lead to severe problems.

Ensuring that your gutters and rainwater pipes are clear from debris and in a good state of repair is essential to protect your foundation. If water is pooling at ground level instead of being channeled away from your home, it can cause your foundation to move and result in severe structural issues.


Signs That Water is Damaging Your Foundation

There are some tell-tale signs water may be damaging your foundation; here are some of the clues this could be happening:

  1. ● Bowed walls
  2. ● Uneven floors
  3. ● Cracks
  4. ● Water pooling at ground level and in the basement


Protecting Your Foundation From Water Damage

Flash flooding is a very real problem that Texas residents face. Preparing for flooding events is essential to prevent this excessive water from damaging your foundation. Waterproofing your home is vital to stop the water from entering your property, but further steps can be taken to help reduce the chances of your foundation being shifted by the water. Having increased drainage added to your property is an excellent way to help avoid expensive foundation repairs. Depending on your property’s location and its position, you may benefit from the addition of French drains or surface drains to keep moisture and excess water away from your foundation.


Schedule Your Home’s Foundation Inspection Today

If you suspect there may be an issue with your property’s foundation, it is vital to get it checked quickly. Ignoring a potential foundation problem can lead to far more significant issues in the future. But, you can save yourself the hassle and added expense by getting your foundation problem solved early.

At Pinnacle Foundation Repair, we are ready to help you with your foundation repair needs. We offer an extensive range of foundation repair services, including drainage to keep your home waterproof and to prevent water from damaging your foundation. Contact us now to find out how we can assist you.