Living in a House with Foundation Problems

Living in a House with Foundation Problems

If you have spotted a few cracks developing in your home, you may put it down to simple changes in temperature or the age of your home. But, if more cracks start to appear and you begin noticing further issues with your property, it could be a sign of a significant issue. Many factors indicate a home may have foundation problems, and cracks are one of the tell-tale signs. While it is likely the cracks are nothing to worry about, you must monitor them closely. You may notice your floor feels uneven, doors and windows may become difficult to close, and the cracks may become wider. When these signs become apparent, you may start wondering what your next steps should be and whether it is safe to continue living in a home with potential foundation problems.

Is it Safe to Live in a Home With Foundation Problems?

Safety is obviously a significant concern when you suspect a structural issue with your home. You may be worried the integrity of your home’s structure is compromised and the problem could escalate.

Your family’s safety is the most important thing, and you do not want to put your loved ones at risk of living in an unsafe environment. Even if the structure of your home is safe and secure for now, there is still the possibility of other issues resulting from the foundation problems. The cracks in your home can lead to water entering your property and causing issues such as mold and dampness to develop. Cracks in floors and walls can also provide an easy entry point for pests to get into your home and cause potential health issues. So, while your home may not be at immediate risk of becoming unstable, the problems with your foundation can cause issues beyond your home’s structure.

What Should You Do If Your Home Has Foundation Problems?

If you suspect your home has foundation issues, the best course of action is to call in a foundation repair company as soon as possible. Living in a house with foundation problems can cause serious issues, so getting your property checked out quickly is a must. The sooner foundation problems are detected, the more likely they will be solved without great expense.

The foundation repair company will determine the extent of the damage to your foundation and how much work needs to be completed to correct this. Once you have all the information, you will be able to decide on the best way to resolve the problem and assess whether it is safe to live at your property in the meantime.

Act Fast and Schedule Your Free Inspection

Acting fast can help protect your home from further damage and ensure your family home is safe to live in. At Pinnacle Foundation Services, we can carry out a thorough free inspection of your foundation and provide you with precise details of the work needed and how much it will cost. Contact us today to arrange your FREE foundation inspection.