Why You Should Schedule a Foundation Inspection to Prepare for the Future

Why You Should Schedule a Foundation Inspection to Prepare for the Future

Life can throw us a lot of curve balls, and we never know when we may have to sell our real property or use the value of our home or business to take care of these unexpected expenses.

Having the peace of mind in knowing your structure’s foundation is in top shape and will give you the most value when you need it is worth the time it takes to schedule a professional foundation inspection.

Sell Your Home or Business Property Easily

A growing family and the need for more space, that new dream job, or the need for more operating space to expand your business are just a few of the valid reasons that you may want to sell your property or need to move.

A foundation that’s in good condition will not only bring you top price but will make it easier for your buyer to get financed as well. Keeping a record of inspection and maintenance on hand can save time and money when the time comes to sell.

Get Home Equity Loans to Cover Emergency Expenses

We all know that the equity in a home or business can be a useful asset when unexpected costs come up. When considering the amount that you need to borrow, your financial institution is going to make sure that their investment is solid. Keeping your foundation in great shape can make their decision that much easier and help you get the funds on time.

Save Money on Repairs

The costs involved in fixing collateral damage to your home or business caused by neglecting the integrity of the foundation can add up fast. Windows, doors, flooring, porches, and the interior and exterior beauty of your home or office can all need replacement by ignoring the signs of a faulty or settling foundation. Saving the money for other needs by not having to do this additional work in the first place, is a great way to get ahead of the cash game.

Create a Home or Business You Can Be Proud Of

Damage to your foundation can cause obvious structural issues to your property, but the visual appeal for neighbors and customers can also be an issue. Flaking concrete, sagging entryways, cracked and pitted visible surfaces, and a look of general disrepair can be embarrassing or costly side effects of neglected foundation damage.

Give your home or business an aesthetic appeal you can be proud of starting from the bottom up by staying ahead of potential problems with your foundation and reducing the need to fix exterior damage to the decorative projects you’ve already paid for.

Take the Commonsense Approach

Maintaining the highest value for your residential or commercial buildings is a smart investment no matter what route you decide to go. Whether selling or using your equity for emergency funds, it’s just good sense to begin with the bedrock of the entire structure – your foundation. Everything else rests on the integrity of this often-overlooked aspect of the home or business, so when planning expenditures, your foundation is the commonsense place to start. You can have Pinnacle Foundation Repair’s experts evaluate your foundation for free.