The Importance of a Foundation Inspection Before Buying a Home

The Importance of a Foundation Inspection Before Buying a Home

Home-buying can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life.

But it can also be one of the most stressful. Of the many factors that influence decision-making, one of the most crucial is checking the integrity of the home’s foundation. Foundation fixes comprise one of the two most considerable costs associated with homeownership, with the other being roofing repairs.

Twenty-five percent of all U.S. homes will experience structural issues in their lifetime. But only seven percent of homeowners have reported making structural repairs.

The foundation of a home acts as the building block for the entire home apparatus. Not taking care of this essential part can be a recipe for disaster.

Structural issues are something to know about before buying a home, not after getting the keys. They can make or break the purchase of a home depending on the associated costs and repair times.

Understanding how getting a foundation inspection will keep everyone safe and financially sound.

Home Inspection vs. Structural Inspection

The previous homeowners can often be unaware of cosmetic and structural foundation issues. Some conditions can be minor and inexpensive. But cosmetic damages often signify a deeper, more pressing issue that needs addressing.

Most states require a home inspection before a house even hits the market, but these alone are not consistently able to catch a flaw in the foundation of a potential new home.

If the owners disclose a previous structural issue in the home, it’s appropriate to ask for documentation records of the repairs to ensure their legitimacy. It’s also possible the previous repair work came with a transferrable warranty.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not the same as a structural inspection. A home inspection is much broader and assesses the general condition of the building, which unfortunately means the home inspector could miss crucial information about the home’s foundation.

What is a Foundation Inspection?

A foundation inspector or structural engineer will assess the impact of natural forces such as wind, temperature, and air pressure on the home’s structure. A foundation inspection can be a time and money-saver even for those purchasing a newer home. A licensed structural engineer performs structural inspections.

This type of inspection helps buyers make a more informed decision about how to move forward. Having the information from a foundation inspector will allow for better insight into whether to negotiate the price or step away from the property altogether.

Get the House’s Foundation Inspected Before Buying

It can be upsetting to receive news that a home has foundation issues, but it will help you decide when to walk away and make strides toward finding a home with the foundation of your dreams. Consult with the real estate agent before moving forward.

Though intimidating, the inspection and negotiation process will make things easier for a buyer when a problem is too severe, and the seller isn’t willing to compromise.

A foundation inspection is necessary before closing. And if discovered, never ignore a foundation issue of a potential new home.

It’s best to let local professionals determine the extent of a problem with a potential new home.