Steel Pier

The steel pier method of foundation repair is one that is popular worldwide and can offer a sturdy and long-term solution for your building. The steel pier system consists of interlocking steel pipes with a friction reduction plate fitted that allows for deeper penetration than concrete. These twelve-inch pipes are easy to install and are used for a number of different applications.

Using a steel pier versus a concrete pier can be a great option because it offers a solution for homeowners that is permanent. Steel pipes are supported by bedrock instead of expansive soil and this means it is a sturdier option than a concrete pier. Driving down to the bedrock is so important because it negates the issue of soil moving around that can otherwise cause cracks in your brickwork. The deeper a pipe can be driven down, the better it is for the structural integrity of the home.

The pros

The main reason why you would choose the steel pier for your foundation repair instead of concrete is the penetration level. Steel piers can be pushed around 75’ into the soil. This is a whopping five times deeper than concrete cylinders. Upper-level soil has a habit of shifting, and usually, this is a risk to structural integrity. Steel piers will not be affected by the movement of upper-level soil and this means you will avoid any further repair to the home. This foundation system is also one that can bear a high load and this means it can withstand more weight than other methods. Once steel pipes are installed they are set with concrete and this stops them from migrating and moving around.

The cons

With the many benefits of this method, it is understandable that the main drawback of steel pier systems is the cost. This is an expensive method for foundation repair so if you are on a tight budget it may not be the right option. There are a lot of pieces of equipment that are required to installed steel pipes and therefore the labor cost is very high. Another issue that can be faced when installing steel pipes is that if they are not pushed down deep enough they can move. This method for foundations does take a lot longer than other methods due to the preparation required. This is something to consider if you would rather see minimal disturbance to your daily routine. With the high-pressure method of pushing steel pipes into the ground, there can be some minor friction caused that may crack your brickwork.

When choosing between a steel pier system and a concrete pier system it is important to know what your budget is and what is more important to you. If you want to avoid disturbance and cause minimal stress to the home, perhaps concrete is the method for you. If you plan to live in your home long-term and want to invest in its stability, forking out a little extra for steel pier systems is a good idea.