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Concrete Pressed Piling

When repairing the foundation of a house it is important to choose a method that will be last, but also economical.

The premise of a concrete pressed piling is six inch diameter concrete cylinders which are pressed under intense pressure using a hydraulic press and being able to withstand over 50,000 pounds of applied load. These concrete cylinders can be pushed as deep as 50 feet into the ground depending on the geological formation, and can provide a solid foundation for many structure types.

How is it done?

The first cylinder is pressed vertically, and additional cylinders are stacked flush as the pier is driven to bedrock or refusal. Refusal means the amount of friction built up around the piling requires greater than the applied force from the hydraulic piston to reach any further depth, and further pressure from the piston could damage the foundation.

After this, the home is raised by the hydraulic jacks, and once this has been done, the piers are shimmed off with steel spacers before the jacks are removed. The holes are then backfilled and tamped down, concrete is patched, and landscaping is put back in place.

The pros

There are multiple reasons why you should choose this foundation repair method for your home.  The main reason is the economic value of concrete pressed piling. This method of repairing a foundation is cost-effective and also offers long-term stability in the right soil conditions.

The cons

There are of course a few downsides to this method that should be discussed. The main obstacle between the use of this method is dense clay in the ground. Concrete pressed piling does not work well under homes with dense clay earth. If this method is to be used in an area of dense clay, it will require warranty visits and cosmetic repairs which can be annoying for homeowners. Stress to the foundation of the building can also occur during this process and this may need further work. This,in turn, will cost you a little more money as well as time.

If you are looking for a method of foundation repair this year and you are unsure, concrete pressed piling can be a great option. It is an option that is widely available, suitable for most budgets, and will last for a long time once installed. Do some research today and consider how you can use this method of home repair this year.

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