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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Your property could need foundation repair for various reasons. Homes can be affected by environmental issues, and problems caused by the initial build can also mean that foundations can become unstable over the years.

Damage to your foundations is a serious issue that needs addressing as soon as possible. But as with any repair work for your home, you’ve probably got some questions about the cost.

Find out more about foundation repair costs to help prepare for this essential maintenance for your home.


Signs of problems with your foundations

Not all foundation issues are obvious. In fact, some can go unnoticed for months before the (literal) cracks start to appear. Some common signs to look out for that your foundation needs repair include:

  • 1. Cracks appearing on your exterior or interior walls.
  • 2. Cracks in floor tiles
  • 3. Uneven or sloping floors
  • 4. Spaces appearing between walls and floors or windows and doors
  • 5. Windows, doors, etc.
  • 6. Cracks appearing in the foundations themselves

The reasons behind issues with your foundation can be caused by the environment or weather – especially if the soil surrounding your home starts to shift. In warm climates, this is particularly common.


Repairing foundations

There are many options available when it comes to repairing foundations. At Pinnacle Foundations, we provide a range of services that can help resolve most common foundation issues. From installing piers to spread footing, we can propose and complete the appropriate repairs to make sure your property regains its stability.

Different repairs come with different costs, but our team will always ensure that the right solution is carried out for your home, with a cost that is fair for the work.


How much does foundation repair cost?

The average foundation repair cost is usually upwards of $4,000, although this can vary greatly depending on the level of work needed. Minor repairs could cost in the region of $2,000, but if you need extensive work carried out, you could be looking at up to $10,000 for some large structural repairs.

One of the most common types of foundation repair is for a slab or pier and beam foundation, which can cost around $4,800. You’ll be provided with an estimation of the work needed before work commences to ensure you’re satisfied with the price.

What do repair costs include?

When you book in work for foundation repair, the cost will include several elements. Included in the cost are your engineer report, permit, and plumbing tests following the repairs. You can feel assured that the cost you’re quoted is ‘all-in’, leaving you with no nasty surprises when the work is completed.

If you’re looking for professional foundation repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth, then look no further than Pinnacle Foundation Repairs. We provide an outstanding service to our clients, assisting with repairs and maintenance of the highest quality. With excellent reviews from our previous clients, we guarantee you’ll be happy with our services.

Contact us today to discuss your repair request and to book a free estimation.