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Foundation Solutions for Clay Soil in Sachse, Texas

The ground in Northeast Texas is full of clay, which may be problematic for concrete foundations. Pinnacle Foundation Repair is ready to inspect your property to determine if there has been damage.

Pinnacle Foundation Repair Offers Free Inspections

With more than 20 years of experience, our foundation repair experts give you peace of mind when it comes to the stability of the foundation of your business property or home.

4 Signs of Foundation Damage

We can help homeowners and business owners in the Sachse area who are experiencing these symptoms of foundation damage:

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Pinnacle Foundation Repair Techniques

Homeowners and businesses can rely on Pinnacle to perform the right job for their foundation repair. Once our trusted professional has inspected and determined what needs to be repaired, we will establish the type of method to be used based on the damage and the type of structure. All our repairs come with a warranty. We offer four foundation repair methods:

Our Solution vs. Our Competitors

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