Why Choose Pinnacle for Your Foundation Needs in New Braunfels, Texas?
A Commitment to Excellence

At Pinnacle, our dedication to excellence is evident. We provide a lifetime transferable warranty on the Steel Transition Pier System and Steel Pier System,guaranteeing the durability of our work.

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Exceptional Reviews in New Braunfels

We take pride in our five-star ratings on Google in New Braunfels. Pinnacle is wholeheartedly committed to delivering outstanding service to our clients.

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Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we consistently strive to surpass your expectations.

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Premium Materials

At Pinnacle, only the highest quality materials are used, including a double-walled system to prevent pier deformation. Additionally, we fill the pipes with cement to deter corrosion and prevent pier system failure.

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Transparent and Fair Estimates

We never bill for unnecessary work. By employing ground-penetrating radar, we accurately assess the foundation and the necessary repairs, eliminating guesswork. This technology provides images displaying foundation thickness and exact beam locations.

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Clear and Transparent Process

We believe in open communication and trust. Our team will guide you through the issue and potential solutions, addressing all your inquiries throughout the process.

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Independent Structural Engineer Assurance

To ensure the highest quality, an impartial structural engineer will review our plans and inspect our work upon completion, providing you with complete confidence in our services.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty


Our work is backed by a lifetime warranty on common foundation repair systems. If you decide to sell your home in New Braunfels, the new owner can have the warranty transferred to them at no cost within 60 days of purchase.

Don't waste your time looking any further than Pinnacle!

I am so glad I took the time to evaluate several companies and get multiple estimates. Nate was honest in what was needed to correct my foundation issues without overselling. I could have easily spent three times as much for unnecessary work quoted by other companies. Pinnacle stuck with their promised timeline, and everyone was great to work with. Don’t waste your time looking any further than Pinnacle!

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Tiffany Smith
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Our Services in New Braunfels, Texas

Pinnacle offers a comprehensive range of services to residential, commercial, and real estate clients in New Braunfels and its adjacent areas:

Slab foundation repair:

Other Services

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No Margin for Uncertainty or Unforeseen Issues

Our commitment to precision is bolstered by cutting-edge technology. When we assess your foundation initially, we don’t make assumptions about its thickness or the location of interior grade beams. Instead, we employ ground-penetrating radar, granting us an exact visualization of your foundation’s structure.

This method offers several advantages:

About Us

Devoted to Your Needs with Over Two Decades of Expertise


Pinnacle was polite, prompt and professional. After a through 30+ minute inspection, Pinnacle said that our foundation had settled a little although nothing to be concerned with at this time. They gave us as few tips and emailed a report. Easy to tell they have the customer’s best interest in mind, rather than selling an unnecessary fix.

Source: Google reviews

Our founder and CEO, Robby Brown, brings a legacy of three generations of foundation repair specialists, boasting more than 20 years of hands-on experience. Descending from Robert Wade Brown—an esteemed industry authority and author of six reference books still used in Texas engineering colleges—Robby’s expertise runs deep. He continues to lead foundation assessments personally and oversee on-site repair work, embodying our company’s core values and setting an example for our team.

Secure a FREE Foundation Inspection Today

Don't hesitate until the fissures in your walls worsen or the challenges with sticking doors intensify. Permit us to assess your foundation without charge, pinpoint the root causes of your concerns, and provide you with an equitable estimate. Astonishingly, 1 out of every 3 evaluations we perform exposes no hidden issues.

    Or just give us a call at 210-640-0188

    What our clients say

    Wow, I have actually found an honest contractor in San Antonio! Carlos came to my home, after calling earlier than the scheduled time, explained the process of measuring the elevation and tolerance of the foundation from his reference point. Proceeded to map out my home and concluded that I was not in need of a foundation repair. We went outside and he quickly identified the culprits, (2 big oak trees, bushes, and drainage), and suggested some fix actions. He was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Additionally, he provided me a digital reference map of my home and the differences in elevation from the reference point! Outstanding job, and if Carlos is a representation of the professionalism and pride of the company, then you can’t miss with them! Kudos and thank you.
    She was very friendly and helpful she was willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the job was done right loved the actitude thanks Heather!
    I am a Realtor and often need a reliable foundation company for my clients. Heather and her crew have been so easy to work with. Straight-shooting evaluation whether it results in repair or not. Going above and beyond to give excellent advice and recommendations. If you have questions about you foundation, no need to look any further than Pinnacle Foundation Repair. My new go-to foundation company!
    Mary Fritze
    Mary Fritze
    Pinnacle sent Mr Carlos Garza to perform an evaluation on my property. He was exactly on time, respectful, extremely knowledgeable, and took time to answer all my questions. If this is a reflection of future work they are hired.
    Z Carboney
    Z Carboney
    Carlos did a great job explaining what materials they use for foundation repair. He also provided an illustration on how they would use their materials to repair the foundation. He was good with the pricing and timing. He is open for some form of a discount. He does not recommend repairing the foundation with only concrete piers, as they don't last long. They use steel piers, which are more expensive than concrete piers but they last longer.Heather was very communicative. I have no issues with her.I would recommend it for homeowners who are experiencing a major foundation issue.
    Matthew Bang
    Matthew Bang
    Carlos G. came by to provide an estimate. He was really informative, honest, and provided some helpful suggestions. Would definitely recommend.
    yanin sanchez
    yanin sanchez
    Heather is committed to doing what is best for the homeowner long term. She explains things so the average person can make sense of what is going to be done to their home. She will educate you so YOU can make the decision in your best interest!
    Ross Adams
    Ross Adams
    Heather is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She communicates and explains each part of the process so it makes sense to the homeowner. Super thorough and professional!
    I had the pleasure of working with Heather and she is amazing! She is a pleasure to work with and would recommend her services to anyone looking for foundation repair. Very easy to work with and always upfront and honest about what needs to be done. Buy with confidence!
    Josh Fox
    Josh Fox
    Carlos was very professional and explained everything very well. Very knowledgeable on foundation. Great customer service.
    Anna Contreras
    Anna Contreras

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