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Protect Your Foundation from the Harsh Elements of Highland Park, TX

The weather here in Highland Park, Texas, doesn't experience too many extremes. However, when it does, your foundation takes a beating. Protect your most valuable asset with foundation repair services by Pinnacle Foundation Repair.

How to Check for Signs of Foundation Damage

Before you call Pinnacle, you can check a few areas around your property for signs of foundation issues. For assistance, call and schedule your free inspection.

Signs It’s Time to Schedule an Inspection

Your foundation can suffer damage in many ways. Root damage from Farmer’s Branch’s large tree population is common in the area. Depending on the type of damage, you may see some of the following symptoms:


Pinnacle’s Foundation Repair Methods

We offer a variety of repair methods that will accommodate the needs of your foundations and the structure on top. Our years of experience are why these are the chosen repair approaches we use at Pinnacle Foundation Repair of Highland Park, Texas.

Our preferred repair methods include:

Our Solution vs. Our Competitors

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