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Foundation Issues Meet Solutions in Grapevine, Texas

Due to the clay soil in the Grapevine area, which expands and contracts with the changing of seasons, many properties suffer from foundation damage. We can help ease your worries by making sure your foundation is structurally sound and lasting for years.

Why Call Pinnacle Foundation Repair First

Our foundation experts detect all foundation issues during our thorough inspections. We use a ground-penetrating radar to help us receive a full image of your foundation. This enables us to focus on significant issues and give you a precise estimate. We only use our own in-house crew, which we have personally trained to be industrious, thorough, punctual, and respectful.

Watch for These Signs of Foundation Damage

Signs of foundation damage can vary and may be hard to recognize. However, you may notice clues of changes in your home or business that indicate a problem. Before your foundation deteriorates beyond repair, look for these common signs:

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Pinnacle Foundation Repair Techniques

With more than 20 years’ experience in the foundation repair field, we provide solutions at competitive costs. Depending on what needs to be repaired, and what type of structure your building is, we will recommend one of the following foundation repair methods for your home or business:

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