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Flower Mound

Flower Mound Foundation Repair

Foundation problems occur with at least 1 in 3 single family homes in the DFW Metroplex, and Flower Mound is no exception. We here at Pinnacle Foundation Repair are the premier local company you can trust to determine whether you have foundation issues that cannot be solved through simple drainage or irrigation corrections , and can provide you with a comprehensive plan that will address the issue the permanently. Foundation repair is one of the most commonly required jobs, and Pinnacle is the local foundation repair company you need to overcome those issues once and for all.

Does your Property Require Foundation Repair?

If your Flower Mound home or commercial property shows signs of foundation repair could be required, you should have a reputable foundation repair company provide a no-charge assessment immediately.

There are several factors that cause a foundation to fail due to the expansive clay soils, and any change to the moisture content of those clay soils can affect both new and old structures. The following signs all suggest that foundation repair may be required;

• Cracks in the brick or sheetrock
• Sticking doors or windows
• Sloping or cracked floors
• Poor ventilation or standing water under crawlspace
• Leaning walls or chimney

Whatever the symptoms of foundation damage might be, getting the issue seen to by an expert is key.

Why Pinnacle Foundation Repair?

When the foundation has shifted causing damage of any severity, it is essential to address the problem as quickly as possible to mitigate additional damages that can be prevented. Failure to do this could put your plumbing at risk while also possibly escalating additional foundation settlement by proscrastinating the repairs.

Pinnacle Foundation Repair recognizes that understanding the geology surrounding the foundation is equally as important as understanding the age and type of foundation built on top of it. We know the Woodbine Formation, which is the parent material of the differering soil types that require a different system in comparison to surrounding areas with completely different soil, and our staff geologist categorizes all of the different soils in the metroplex. We know how to analyze the woodbine formation that is commonly found in the geological attributes of the land in the region. We appreciate the characteristics of sandstone, clay, and shale, utilizing the most efficient techniques to ensure that the foundation repair processes are completed to the highest standards.

We average as deep as 28 feet with our steel pier system in Flower Mound, and just 12' deep with concrete pressed pilings. After a thorough foundation assessment, we can provide clear direction as to which pier system would be ideal for your repair.

Our fast, cost-effective, professional craftsmanship is further supported by the friendly service and regular communication that you deserve.

What will Foundation Repair do for you?

Foundation repair isn't a spend most home or business owners look forward to, but it is a necessity that often times require immediate action. By taking control of the situation by calling Pinnacle foundation repair today, you can reap a host of benefits. The list includes but is not limited to;

• Prevent further damage, which could increase the time and cost of future repairs
• Protect your family or employees from the immediate dangers posed by foundation damage
• Ensure that the property is in the best health and appearance ahead of a sale
• Prevent plumbing damage if foundation movement hasn’t already caused damage to sewer or freshwater lines
• Gain peace of mind by knowing that the best outcome has been found • Protect your family or employees from the possibility sticking windows or doors during an emergency event

What our clients say about us

Check out some of our foundation projects in Flower Mound below!

Foundation Experts You Can Trust

Finding quality foundation experts you can trust is a challenge. You need professionals who have the skills and technology to restore your home to its original condition safely. You can’t afford to use cowboys when it comes to your most significant asset. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our service and arrange an assessment.

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