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Experienced and Professional Foundation Repair in Denton, Texas

Pinnacle Foundation Repair is proud to have served the Dentonarea for 20 years. We specialize in repairing the foundations of all kinds of homes and businesses, as well as concrete slabs like your driveway or pool.

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Pinnacle Foundation Repair is proud to offer free inspections. We know that, as the most important part of your house or business, damage to your foundation can be a big source of stress and uncertainty.

Where to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage

Before you schedule your free inspection, you can take a look for yourself at some common areas where foundation damage will manifest.

Remember that a cracked or uneven foundation can lead to uneven weight distribution for your structure. This uneven support means your building’s materials are being twisted and strained in ways they aren’t designed to handle. Below are a few examples of what to look for.


Pinnacle’s Proven Repair Methods

Regardless of what caused your foundation’s damage, we at Pinnacle can find a solution that’s right for your unique situation.

We know that every structure, business, and home in Denton requires an individualized approach.

Our skilled repair person will make a full image of your foundation using our advanced instruments. They will use this to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the damage to your foundation. Finally, they will suggest a repair option that makes the most sense for your unique structure.

Our technician might suggest any of the following methods of repair:

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