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The Best Foundation Repair in Carrollton, Texas

Pinnacle Foundation Repair is proud to have served the Carrollton area for 20 years. We specialize in repairing the foundations of all kinds of homes and businesses, as well as concrete slabs like your driveway or pool.

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Common Signs A Foundation is Damaged

A damaged foundation means that your home or building isn’t being supported evenly from below. Parts of the building are under more strain than others, which pulls and twists on the building materials in ways they are not made to withstand.

This type of stress commonly results in visible cracks near these areas:


How Pinnacle Can Help | Our Repair Methods

Foundation damage can go from minor to major over long periods of time. Any amount of foundation damage should be addressed as soon as you become aware of it. Putting off these repairs could lead to more costly work in the future.

Our experienced and knowledgeable foundation repairmen will show up to your property with specialized equipment that will allowthem to get a full picture of the damage to your foundation. Once they have this in hand, they can formulate a plan to implement repairs.

At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves in being thriving members of the Carrollton community, meaning we take your satisfaction very seriously. Our repairmen will walk you through the damage and suggest the best way to fix your foundation.

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