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Expert Foundation Repair in Canton, Texas

Pinnacle’s professional foundation repair team has 20 years of experience repairing foundations in the Canton area. We have several unique, proven repair methods we can employ to solve any problem with your foundation.

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If your foundation is showing signs of cracking or warping, it may be time to schedule your free inspection.

How to Know if Your Foundation Is Damaged

A damaged foundation means that your home or building isn’t being supported evenly from below. Parts of the building are under more strain than others, which pulls and twists on the building materials in ways they are not made to withstand.

This type of stress commonly results in visible cracks near these areas:


Pinnacle Repair Methods

At Pinnacle, we know that the surprise and stress of foundation damage can make it difficult to make decisions. We pride ourselves on our expert approach and customer-friendly culture. We want you to understand your repair options before committing to anything.

Our repair personnel will show up on sight with specialized equipment that will allow them to determine the exact thickness and dimensions of your foundation.

Once we know the extent of the work that needs to be done, we’ll offer you a fair quote based on the damage.

We use several methods of repair, each of which has been thoroughly tested and proven in Canton’s unique topsoil.

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