Expert Foundation Repair in Canton, Texas

Pinnacle’s professional foundation repair team has 20 years of experience repairing foundations in the Canton area. We have several unique, proven repair methods we can employ to solve any problem with your foundation.

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How to Know if Your Foundation Is Damaged

A damaged foundation means that your home or building isn’t being supported evenly from below. Parts of the building are under more strain than others, which pulls and twists on the building materials in ways they are not made to withstand.

This type of stress commonly results in visible cracks near these areas:


Pinnacle Repair Methods

At Pinnacle, we know that the surprise and stress of foundation damage can make it difficult to make decisions. We pride ourselves on our expert approach and customer-friendly culture. We want you to understand your repair options before committing to anything.

Our repair personnel will show up on sight with specialized equipment that will allow them to determine the exact thickness and dimensions of your foundation.

Once we know the extent of the work that needs to be done, we’ll offer you a fair quote based on the damage.

We use several methods of repair, each of which has been thoroughly tested and proven in Canton’s unique topsoil.

Our Solution vs. Our Competitors

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Before Pinnacle After Pinnacle

What our clients say

Strongly recommend Pinnacle! I had a complicated foundation repair and Pinnacle performed brilliantly from start to finish! My project included working in some tight areas, and significant tunneling. I had 8 vendors come out during my due diligence, plus an independent engineer out to the house for their opinions. Ultimately, I chose Pinnacle because their recommendation of (16) steel piers most closely matched the recommendation of the engineering firm. I have a 4800ft house directly on a golf course in Frisco that is notorious for the clay soil and water table deep below the surface (I live on a creek on the golf course). From the beginning, Jacob Ehrlish with Pinnacle offered fantastic consulting and advice, and brought out their best expert, Victor, for an eyes-on view. They assured me of their strategy, and I was very concerned that the project would really blow up my outdoor landscaping and potentially cause unintended damage to my pool/deck/outdoor kitchen area. When the process started I admit -- it looked like hell on earth! It's a big job! But their team was incredibly talented and mindful. It took (4) days to finish, but down to re-installing the flagstone path, and concrete wall/borders -- it was hard to tell they were even there!! The lift event itself is amazing, I stood in the home as it was lifted by Victor and the team and began to see the small gaps zipper up right then and there. Truly incredible feat, considering all the factors they had to contend with. Pinnacle are truly THE experts!
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Thanks for a thoroughly professional repair of my foundation!
Ann Reid
Ann Reid
After doing extensive research and getting multiple quotes, I'm glad I chose Pinnacle for my foundation repair. Luis and his team were extremely prompt, very thorough and kept me posted on all stages of the repair. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle in the future. Great work!
Jon Patton
Jon Patton
Grant came out to assess our pier and beam foundation as we noticed some sinking. He arrived early and was very considerate of our space. He was incredibly thorough and took and provided measurements for each corner of every room, including our deck and garage. He also got down in our crawl space and took video to show us the area we had concerns about. He gave us great news that our foundation is fine, we’re just seeing evidence of some natural settling. I’ll be keeping his info for the future - it’s so nice to work with such an honest company who has the same goals as we do.
Coral Herman
Coral Herman
Jacob and his team came in and did a great job. My mom and I are extremely happy with the work. After meeting several people Jacob seemed to care more than others and assured me that we would be happy at the end of the process. If it wasnt for Jacob we would not have gone with Pinnacle.
Damon Pompa
Damon Pompa
They are first class, have a longer warranty than others and have been great getting me scheduled in for my new house! Ask for Jacob when you call in
Really enjoyed working with Jacob! Super helpful and professional!! Highly recommend Pinnacle!
All around great experience. From beginning to end Jacob and his team, along with Victor and Hunter were amazing. Highly recommend them for any and all foundational repairs!
Bradley Oliver
Bradley Oliver
Thank you to Luis and Pinnacle Foundation for your time in helping us isolate our issues with our foundation and water retention. Luis took the time to answer all of my questions about the process and was very helpful.
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore
Where do I start? After different structural engineers, none attached to any foundation company, recommended 40+ piers all around the house, and drilling inside, not only could I not afford that but I couldn’t accept that it needed all that. I knew something I was off, felt that it wasn’t all due to the foundation sinking but I didn’t know what was causing some strange happenings. After lots of research, I decided on Pinnacle. James from Pinnacle came to do his assessments. He explained the weird things that were happening with part of my house that structural engineers didn’t pickup. His abilities are amazing. I had 14 piers and the magic happened inside, changing years of strange behaviors, and reversing the damage. I was flabbergasted. He was spot on and of course saved me thousands of dollars and unnecessary disruptions inside the house. He is extremely, patient and I was very anxious - probably his worst nightmare! He answered all my questions all the way through the process. He was always accessible and responsive between his first visit and the lift. The office staff was always friendly, helpful, informed, and responsive. What a joy! The contract is detailed, descriptive, thorough, with a great warranty. On the day of the work and the lift, the crew, the crew chief, Juan (a saint!), the supervisor, Augustine, were hard working, extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. They were also personally great to work with being patient with my questions before starting. The crew was in a good mood, enjoying each other as they worked - another joy. And this is tough work! Not only in getting the holes ready, but when they all got down into the holes to prepare for instructions for the lift, I couldn’t help think how claustrophobic I would feel if that were me! They could just narrowly fit a person into them. When it was time for the lift, Augustine was in and out of the house, monitoring the lift and watching the progress of the cracks. I couldn’t believe how beautifully all the areas closed up. James knows his stuff. And, all the crew are employees, not temps. The lift occurs section by section, carefully lifting only a small amount at a time to ensure not lifting too much. The crew was experienced, hardworking, incredibly efficient. After the lift, the crew spread the excess dirt in the yard, carefully replaced bushes and edgings, swept off the patio and other concrete. Wow! What more could you ask for? Thanks to everyone at Pinnacle for such a fine, professional job and restoring my mental health taking away years of stress about my house!!! You’ll be appreciated if you get out your phone and use your Spanish Translation app to tell this amazing crew how much you appreciate them, what a great job they did, and that they definitely did a Five Star job!
Barbara Hunt
Barbara Hunt

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