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Bedford Foundation Repair

If you live in Bedford or the surrounding areas of Tarrant County, foundation damage is a very real possibility due to the geological makeup of the soil and climate conditions. Whether it’s the family home or a commercial property, Pinnacle Foundation Repair’s team of experienced experts can put your building back on solid ground.

What can Pinnacle do for you?

Whether you’re looking to repair the damage to the foundation of your family home or Bedford, Texas business, our team of experts boast the talent, tools, and experience needed to produce stunning results that are built to last.

We maintain a comprehensive understanding of Bedford’s geological makeup, which is a woodbine formation comprised of sandstone, clay, and shale. We additionally understand how the climate can significantly influence the building and the foundation over a period of time. As such, we work exclusively with the techniques and materials needed to generate stunning outcomes.

Our team can use concrete pressed piling, steel pier, transition pier, drilled pier, helical pier, spread footing, pier and beam, mud-jacking, soil injection, tunneling, drainage, and root barrier treatments to restore your property’s health from the ground up.

When supported by the fact that we are a local company that boasts a fantastic reputation, as well as an ongoing commitment to transparent communication and delivering exceptional value, ours is the only service and homeowner or business in Bedford could ever need.

How are Foundation Repairs Completed?

As a highly professional foundation repair company, Pinnacle can utilize several techniques, as mentioned above. However, the basic strategy will remain fairly consistent and involved the following key steps:

  • Inspection – This is a chance to analyze the damage and confirm which type of foundation repair is required.
  • Consultation – We’ll provide our impartial advice regarding the best solution.
  • Project – We’ll complete the work to the highest possible standards, whether it's using our steel or concrete system.
  • Review- This is the opportunity to have a 3rd party engineer check the quality of the work, and to provide you with any additional advice on how to keep the rest of the foundation stable going forward.

What our clients say about us

Check out some of our foundation projects in Bedford below!

Foundation Experts You Can Trust

Finding quality foundation experts you can trust is a challenge. You need professionals who have the skills and technology to restore your home to its original condition safely. You can’t afford to use cowboys when it comes to your most significant asset. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our service and arrange an assessment.

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