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Our Professional Foundation Repair Team Is Familiar With Bedford

From extreme weather to the root system of an oak tree, Pinnacle’s experienced and professional foundation repair team knows all the ways mother nature can damage your foundation in Bedford, Texas.

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Signs It’s Time for a Foundation Repair

A damaged foundation means that your home or building isn’t being supported evenly from below. Parts of the building are under more strain than others, which pulls and twists on the building materials in ways they are not made to withstand.

This type of stress commonly results in visible damage:


The Pinnacle Repair Method

If you have foundation damage, you’ll want to get it repaired immediately. Foundation damage will become worse over time, leading to more expensive and frequent repairs inside your home. Our free inspection will uncover the extent of your damage and recommend ways you can fix it.

At Pinnacle, we know every home and business in Bedford is unique and will require an individualized solution. That’s why we hire only the best technicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with experience with all kinds of foundation damage and repair methods.

Some of our common methods of foundation repair are:

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