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Professional Foundation Repair for Your Home or Business in Allen, TX

The team at Pinnacle Foundation Repair, Allen, Texas takes pride in our quality services and goes the extra mile to ensure that your most valuable assets are structurally sound for years to come.

Inspections are FREE and Available by Appointment

Of our thorough state-of-the-art foundation inspections 1 in 3 reveal that the structure needs no attention at the current time and that gives you the satisfaction of knowing your foundation is good to go for the foreseeable future. Pinnacle never suggests work that is not essential for the longevity of your structure.

Damaged Foundations – Signs That It’s Time to Schedule Your Inspection

Mother Nature goes to extremes in the Allen, TX area – from blistering heat in the summer to heavy rains in the Fall, and frigid winters, all contributing to potential damage to your foundation. Get a head start on preventing collateral issues by looking for these signs:

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Pinnacle’s Methods of Foundation Repair

After a trusted professional has determined that repairs are needed, it’s time to do the job right. Cutting corners to save money will only cost you more down the road. Pinnacle foundation repair of Allen, TX has you covered with top-notch, high-quality, guaranteed repair services at industry-competitive prices. We have four variations of foundation repair to fit every client’s needs, based on the type of structure and the severity of the issues present.

Repair methods we use:

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