Hidden Dangers that Damage the Foundation of Your Home or Business

Hidden Dangers that Damage the Foundation of Your Home or Business

Some causes of foundation damage can be easy to spot, such as poorly functioning gutters in a downpour that allow water to run down next to the building or collect in areas too close to the house. It’s also no surprise to most home or business owners that the extreme Texas heat can cause structural problems through changes in the soil.

But what about some of the other culprits operating out of sight that can cause severe damage to your foundation before they become noticeable?

Those Beautiful Shade Trees and Potential Foundation Damage

When the Texas sun is high, the shade from the beautiful trees around your home is a welcome break and can help you keep your house cool. They seem a safe distance from the foundation, but the extent of root growth may surprise you. Most mature trees’ roots extend 2-3 times the radius of the canopy, but in dry conditions, this can be up to 5x.

So, in the dry Texas heat, it might not hurt to do a little calculating and see if those roots could be making their way to your foundation and causing unseen damage. A professional inspection could give you peace of mind if you find your favorite tree may be too close to your structure.

Your Refreshing Swimming Pool

Like the lovely shade trees that surround your home, your backyard or even indoor pool is another wonderful summer escape from the blistering heat. It’s no secret – though water is essential to life and the enjoyment of a swimming pool is awesome – that poor drainage from your pool could lead to water damaging your foundation.

With state-of-the-art tools of the trade like ground penetrating radar, professional inspectors can detect problems before they are apparent to homeowners.

Unseen Leaks and Plumbing Problems

Water from underground pipes and drains doesn’t always appear on the surface and can remain undetected for a long time. The first indicator that you should not take lightly is your property’s water meter.

Don’t just pass off a higher reading to extra usage. Take time to regularly check for signs of damage in areas where plumbing is located and address problems immediately. What may seem like a small issue now can escalate quickly and get very costly.

Also, be aware of any signs of leaks on adjacent properties that could allow water to find its way to your building’s foundation.

Sub-Standard Construction

We don’t like to think the worst of people, but if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we have to admit some unscrupulous contractors may cut corners on the quality of concrete and the labor involved to make extra money on a project.

Set a regular schedule to do a quick inspection by looking for the key signs that you may have foundation damage. Catch them early and schedule a professional inspection before further damage turns into more costs.


The bottom line in protecting the structural integrity of your prized properties is to stay vigilant and don’t allow small issues to become big problems. The experts at Pinnacle Foundation Repair are proud to be a part of the process and are always ready to provide professional service when you need it.