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    Grand Prairie Foundation Repair

    We all know that a strong structure needs a strong foundation. Whatever archaeological mastery and construction excellence has gone into designing and building your Grand Prairie residence, if the foundations aren’t strong it may prove disastrous for the long term. Long periods of adverse weather, changes in soil moisture or poor quality work on an extension can all compromise the strength of your foundations and the stability of the structure atop them. You need a foundation specialist with years of experience. Someone who knows everything there is to know about pier and slab repair and maintenance. Someone who understands completely the effects that geological formations can have on the health and longevity of your structure.

    That’s where we come in!

    At Pinnacle Foundation Repair, we strive to bring you results that last at prices that won’t bring your budget tumbling down.

    Whether you’re looking for an expert in foundation repairs or a simple assessment to make sure that your foundations are as strong as they can be, we’re here to help. We are experts in all aspects of foundation repair and we know the geological landscape of the Grand Prairie and the DFW metroplex better than just about anyone.

    Your one stop shop for foundation repair services

    Pinnacle Foundation repair are proud to bring a wide range of foundation repair and inspection services to Grand Prairie and the greater DFW area to give our customers lasting peace of mind. Our wide range of services includes (but is by no means limited to);

    • Helical Piers – The perfect choice for repairing exterior foundations as well as slab foundation repair. Helical piers are also a great choice for new installations too.
    • Concrete Piers – We use concrete pier systems capable of bearing extremely heavy loads and reaching average depths of 12 ft to produce results that last lifetimes.
    • Steel Piers– Steel has long been an integral part of our great state’s economy. We’re proud to combine good old American steel with data-driven installations that can reach an average depth of 30 feet with minimal disturbance to the landscape.
    • Segmented Piers – A recent addition to our portfolio of services, our segmented pier systems are affordable and effective.

    Geological knowledge It’s the foundation of everything we do

    Just like your Grand Prairie home needs a strong geological foundation, our geological knowledge forms the foundation of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the Eagle Ford Group undivided that defines the geological landscape of this great area. The shale, sandstone and limestone that make the soil here are old friends and our knowledge and understanding of geology allow us to deliver results that last.

    When cracks start to form in your brickwork, indicating the need for foundation repairs, it’s tempting to put it in the “laterbase”, kicking the can down the road to a time when perhaps we’ll have more money to address the issue. But the simple truth is that acting now will save much more money in the long term.

    A strong foundation will prevent you from needing to pay out for expensive repairs later on down the line. It can also prevent flooding and other forms of damage to your property and has a direct influence on the condition of your backyard. So you can get more out of your investment for longer. Invest in your foundation repairs now and it can even add to the resale value or salability of your property should you decide to move on in the years to come.

    Why choose us?

    We are a third-generation family-run business with decades of combined experience in all elements of foundation repair and a strong understanding of the unique challenges posed by the grand Prairie geological landscape. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, affordable, and highly professional service which combines with our outstanding local knowledge to bring you unparalleled peace of mind. When your home is in need of foundation repair, why accept anything short of the Pinnacle?

      Pinnacle Foundation Repair activities are recognized as an “Essential Business Activity” by all Federal, State and Local government entities.