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    Garland Foundation Repair

    Quality Foundation Restoration In The Heart Of Texas

    If you’re looking for foundation repair in Garland, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pinnacle Foundation Repair, we offer a professional restoration service that fixes issues with your property below ground level. No matter how terrible the problems might seem, we’re here to help.

    Foundation Specialist In Garland

    Finding a foundation repair company in Garland is never easy. As a homeowner, it is not always clear who you should choose and why. Ideally, you want a company like ours that is familiar with the local geology and can provide solutions for homes built on different types of land.

    For this reason, we offer a range of foundation repair services specific to your circumstances:

    • Pier and slab repair services that have minimal impact on your garden and landscaping
    • Concrete piers for load-bearing applications that go to a depth of twelve feet
    • Segment piers that help to keep the cost down while offering long-lasting support
    • Helical piers for new installations and slab repairs

    Why Choose Us For Garland Foundation Repair?

    Making sure that your foundations function correctly is essential for two reasons: keeping your family safe and protecting the value of your home. It is vital, therefore, that you choose a foundation repair company that understands the topic of foundation repair inside out. Here at Pinnacle Foundation Repair in Garland, that’s precisely what you get.

    • Trained, certified professionals with years of experience working in the local area
    • Extensive knowledge of the local geology, including features of Austin Chalk
    • Understanding of the underlying ground materials, including chalk, calcareous clay, and marine megafossils
    • Assistance with saving money in the long term by preventing foundations from deteriorating
    • Protect the rest of your property from damage from further subsidence and collapse
    • Improve the value of your home with a strong foundation suitable for the local geological conditions

    Choose Us As Your Foundation Experts In Garland Today

    If you’re looking for foundation repair in DFW, then your search stops here. However bad the problem seems, you can trust our experts to get to the bottom of it, fix the issue, and put your home back on a firm footing.

    Here are some of the reasons Garland homeowners choose to use our services:

    • We offer a rapid service which assesses the extent of your foundation problems and then provides the optimal solution
    • We have in-depth knowledge of Austin chalk and the issues that it poses for foundations
    • We know how to resolve foundation problems in marine megafossils, calcareous clay and chalk.
    • We have more experience than practically any other repair company in the local area. We run a third-generation business with enormous capability.

    Choose Us As Your Foundation Experts In Garland Today

    For many years now, Pinnacle Foundation Repair has been among the most trusted experts in the region. We’re widely regarded all over Garland and the surrounding area for our deep expertise and knowledge of local geological conditions. If your home requires foundation repair, don’t put it off for another day. Get it sorted and give yourself peace of mind.

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