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Dallas Foundation Repair

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Has your property suffered subsidence due to poor workmanship on an extension or the impacts of external factors such as adverse weather? Don’t panic, Pinnacle Foundation Repair can provide a range of fast, affordable, residential foundation repair services to get your home back on solid ground.

A Comprehensive Range of Foundation Repair Service for your Dallas Home

No two properties are identical, and your home deserves a foundation repair treatment that is perfectly match to the style and age of the property as well as the severity and source of foundation damage. Pinnacle Foundation Repair offers an extensive selection of services that are tailored to the needs of your project.

They include, but not limited to:
  • Steel Piers – Using data-driven installations that disturb less landscape, our steel pier systems reach an average depth of 30 ft!
  • Helical Piers – Ideal for exterior foundation repairs and slab foundation repair. They can be used for new installations too.
  • Concrete Piers – Our heavy-load bearing concrete pier systems reach an average depth of 12 ft and produce permanent results.
  • Segmented Piers – One of the newer solutions on the market, segmented pier systems offer an affordable solution for Dallas homeowners.

Whichever type of foundation repair project is right for your Dallas property, you should only accept the Pinnacle.

Why Choose Foundation Repairs Today?

If the signs of foundation damage have only just surfaced, you may be tempted to leave the project for a few months longer. In reality, there are many reasons to contact Pinnacle today.

The best incentives are:
  • You’ll save money in the long run as allowing the foundation damage to escalate will lead to very costly repair works.
  • A strong foundation will improve the value of your daily home life as well as the financial value of the property itself.
  • A foundation in good condition will prevent flooding and other forms of damage to the property with stunning results.
  • Foundation repair also protects and influences the condition of your backyard with immediate and lasting results.

Essentially, then, foundation repair has a significant impact on your home and provides peace of mind

A Foundation Repair Expert you can Trust

When hiring a foundation repair service to work on your home, you need to select a team of trustworthy specialists. After all, your property is the greatest financial asset in your possession.

Pinnacle Foundation Repair is the right choice for all Dallas homeowners because:
  • We are a third-generation family-run business boasting vast experience in all elements of foundation repair.
  • We understand the challenges posed by the local geological formations including alluvium, Austin chalk, fluviatile terrace, and Eagle Ford formation.
  • We additionally boast an in-depth knowledge of Houston Black and its thin-bedded marl with interbed of chalk.
  • We provide a fast, affordable, and highly professional service with a smile and are locally based, meaning we can get to work ASAP.

When your home is in need of foundation repair, Pinnacle is the answer.

Get your Project Started Today

Whether you know what’s required for your foundation repair project or require an expert to inspect the property, our free consultation services are the perfect place to start. Take the first step to putting your home back on strong ground today by calling Pinnacle on 972-251-0018.

Pinnacle Foundation Repair activities are recognized as an “Essential Business Activity” by all Federal, State and Local government entities.