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Mission and Core Values

Our mission is simple: To provide our customers with top tier expertise while using the most cost effective customized plan of repair to maintain the structural integrity of their biggest investment.

We treat all of our clients with respect, as we both empathize and recognize we are dealing with one of their largest investments.
It is our responsibility to never lose sight of this when assessing a potential problem that may exist, and protecting the client’s interests must always be our top priority.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop internally within the orgnanization, but exists with all of our clients that we have worked with at any point of our existence.Our reputation is our most important asset that we have, and we recognize it’s paramount correlation to an everlasting conscientiousness to quality fo work.

Talent retention is critical to the viability of any sustainable long term operation, and operating as a meritocracy is how we preserve our quality of service, as well as core values. Great ideas and talent exist within any gender, race, ethnicity, religious background, or any other quality that makes us different.

A Japanese philosophy meaning “continuous improvement” that has elevated Toyota to having the reputation as the pinnacle of quality, it is one of the most overlooked philosophies in the foundation repair industry. Even in our founder’s 20+ years of experience, he learns something new every day.
Between studying operations best practices in other industries to compare against the foundation repair industry, collating over 20 years of foundation repair data to verify long term success rates of different methodologies for repairs, understanding the different soil formations accross Texas to identify what foundation repair system provides the best long term outcome, and the development of a standardized process within operations to ensure the constant precision on all repairs.

Honesty isn’t the best policy for us, it’s the only policy. Relationships are built on trust, and we have zero tolerance for anyone that violates that. Whether it’s a potential client looking to spend money on something that can be corrected without intervention, an adminstrative error was made internally, or a rogue employee that violated our company policy, we will always take responsibility for our actions.

Another element in continuous improvement requires creativity, and willingness to try new things. There are a multitude of methodologies that exist for addressing different types of structural movement, but often times, the most economical solution is not aligned with a recommended solution that would offer the same long term performance as the economical one.
For many existing competitors, this is simply because they either lack the innovative perspective due to inexperience in the industry, or there are limitations in the different products or services that exist.

A successful long term repair is contingent upon the caliber of resources provided. Our hydraulic equpment used to install our piers are serviced based on a diligent schedule to mitigate compromise in pier depth, skilled technicians are managed to a strict process to reinforce all the actions necessary to provide the best possible outcome of the repair, and pressure guage readings, pre and post elevation readings, and pier depths are all documented throughout the repairs.
The importance of accuracy doesn’t just apply to operations, as it is just as important in all aspects of our business.

Social Conscience-
There is the unfair reality that innocence is lost from a lot of unfortunate children, and it is incumbent upon us to give back to the community in an effort to help those children that were denied help from whomever was supposed to protect them.
It is very easy to lose sight of how fortunate most of us are, and it is our hope that this not only helps an innocent child recover from whatever adversity they may have been exposed to, but to also remind our team to recognize what is important, and what is a means to providing for their families as well as to the community.